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University of Georgia Panhellenic Council

University of Georgia Panhellenic Council


a little look into the REAL lives of UGA sorority women

2013 Gamma Chi List!!!

Congratulations to the 85 wonderful and amazing girls who were chosen as Gamma Chis for Recruitment 2013!!! We as Panhellenic are incredibly proud and excited to get to work with each and every one of you!!  Here is the list!!!

Savannah King

Cydney Adams

Alana Franklin

Caki Swayze

Erin Ochs

Audrey Dugan

Alyssa Mullikin

Taylor Smith

Tori Paquin

Liza Mackey

Callie Wamsley

Katie Lesesne

Mandy Pfennestiel

Liz Topoleski

Blayne McDonald

Lacey Wheeler

Sophie Frankham-Smith

Jennifer Voyles

Paige Sawyer

Kathryn Spencer

Hayley Schneider

Maria Smith

Libby Russ

Julia Durham

Gracie Glidewell

Deegan Mundy

Abby Bergquist

Kate Wagner

Elizabeth Bernardin

Kayla Jones

Alex Pastina

Tana Bosshard

Asheton Board

Grace McLaine

Nikki Washington

Kate Dramis

Sam Sanders

Emily Williams

Nicole Grant

Abbey Ferguson

Sarah Calhoun

Megan Arnold

Melissa Peterson

Rachel Pelletier

Erin Conlin

Katie Daugherty

Caroline Jozefcyzk

Ryan Coyle

Texie Arnold

Carly Saxon

Lauren Paine

Sam Karlin

Courtney Elledge

Ashely ShahAhmadi

Rose Freitag

Sarah Huber

McCall Stiles

Julia Thompson

Meghan Kanter

Sarah Lovingood

Charlotte Infinger

Elena Wathen

Maggie Taylor

Morgan Salmon

Caitlin Griffin

Laura Giles

Lindy Menefee

Amanda Maalizadeh

Eleanor Creagh

Christine Harding

Hoopie Ball

Rebecca Levy

Nicole Gillman

Lindsay Freidrich

Maggie Watts

Lindsey Ferebee

Brenna Beech

Katie Krouse

Katilyn Hyde

Kristen Judd

Delsa Green

Katherine Reece

Lexi Ely

Ainsley Liken

Kate Anna Akins

Laura and Lily Panhellenic Gathering

Everyone is invited on September 26th to Sigma Kappa for a sorority wide event! Bring your friends and come support Taylor Ayers as she will be selling Laura and Lily bracelets! Below is a description of what they are!

The event is from 6:30-8 and we will have snacks and drinks! See you then!

For those of you who haven’t noticed, Lily and Laura bracelets are trending their way around college campuses! I’ve been selling them for a year now at UGA and have sold over 3,500 to both students and their moms. They are made by tribal women in Nepal and they support free trade. The bracelets are incredibly unique and a great way to spice things up.  Here are a few pics of some of my fall colors! Come by the Panhellenic show supporting Camp Kessum Wednesday, September 26th from 6:30-8pm at Sigma Kappa to see all the newest colors. 

If you don’t know about Camp Kessum read this!!!!
Camp Kesem allows the children of cancer patients to enjoy a free week of camp! It is a national non-profit at 41 universities around the country, and it is our second year here at UGA. The camp is completely planned, run, and funded by student leaders at UGA. We have all been affected by cancer in some way, and this camp is a great way to provide relief for these families during such a hard time in all of their lives. The campers spend the week doing normal camp activities, but during Cabin Chat at night and our Empowerment ceremony, they have a chance to share their stories and, in turn, receive irreplaceable healing and growth.

About Executive Positions

For anyone interested in running for the Panhellenic Executive Council here is a brief description of each position. Feel free to contact any of the current board members if you have any questions!

Applications go out TODAY!


The Panhellenic President maintains the overall responsibility for the operations of the Panhellenic Executive Board as well as the seventeen sororities comprised of 3,920 women involved in and around the campus. She calls and presides over all meetings of the Panhellenic Executive Board and the Council. The Panhellenic President reports regularly to the Panhellenic Advisor and the Greek Life Director as well as the National Panhellenic Conference Area Advisor. She acts as an official representative of the Panhellenic Council, while serving as a student leader on the Student Life Advisory Council and the Dean of Students Advisory Board. Overall, she represents the Panhellenic Council in its entirety in performing all of the duties pertaining to her office.


Vice President of Administration:

The Vice President of Administration works very closely with the delegates and assistant delgates on the council and oversees the activities and initiatives of the council. Throughout the entire year, this position oversees the activities of four committees, Campus Involvement, Community Service, Junior Panhellenic and Scholarship. You will work extensively with the committee heads from these committees and meet with them regularly. In addition, you will work very closely with the New Members Educators from each of the sororities. You will meet with them in the Spring semester to coordinate Bid Day themes and prepare for the New Member Education programs, during recruitment to outline Bid Day guidelines and finally in the Fall to review the New Member Education programs.



Vice President of Recruitment:

Vice President of Recruitment is in charge in planning and executing Panhellenic Recruitment in the Fall. There are a series of workshops for recruitment chairs and presidents during the spring which the VPR hosts. The VPR works with the recruitment chairs and gamma chi’s to educate them on the rules and make sure everyone is on the same page. The VPR approves budgets, philanthropy videos, house tour t-shirts, and music lists. The VPR works with the Panhellenic advisors to plan food, buses, design the t-shirt, and other miscellaneous tasks. 

Throughout recruitment responsibilities include planning executive 

Board work week, two fall workshops, ICS training, working with the 

VPRC on gamma chi work -week, and managing schedules and issues as they arise.  A big part of the job is building positive relationships between the recruitment chairs and Panhellenic as well as answering any questions they may have as they prepare for recruitment. It’s awesome. GO VPR.


Director of Public Relations:

            Director of Public Relations deals with the media aspect of Panhellenic. The positions main task is putting together The Pointer. This consists of getting pictures, information, etc from each sorority and editing anything that needs to be updates throughout that. It is a project that takes a few months so it is important to begin right after the position is resumed. The planning and crafting takes place during Spring semester and is published by May. Throughout the year this position must do the monthly “In the Know,” tweet important information, manage the website, blog, keep the facebook page updated, and create monthly calendars of sorority events. As Director of Public Relations you must interact frequently with the social chairs and philanthropy chairs. It is crucial to make sure the Philanthropy events are advertised and that as many Exec members as possible can support these philanthropies. During Recruitment this position does not have set jobs, but it responsible for aiding the VPR and VPRC in anyway possible.


Judicial Board Director:

            The Judicial Board Director is responsible for happy and healthy chapter relations. This begins with coordinating Exec’s participation/attendance at all sorority philanthropy events. In February you will plan and lead a Risk Management Seminar for the sorority presidents and risk management chairs/social chairs. The Programming committee heads will report to you concerning the two internal programming and sister sorority events, as well as, New Member Day and Leadership Day in the fall. During the summer and recruitment you are in charge of processing all violations which involves some paperwork and holding mediations if need be. In the Fall, you will coordinate and facilitate position specific round-table style discussions for leaders within sororities Executive Boards.

***The title of this position will likely change (to something more friendly!) but the responsibilities listed above will not. 


Vice President of Recruitment Counselors:

VPRC: Clearly the best position ever. 

In a nutshell, the Vice-President Recruitment Counselors is responsible for training the Gamma Chi’s. Right after slating, the VPRC spear heads the Gamma Chi application process, which includes organizing materials for interviews and reviewing applications. After the two-part interview application process ends, she’ll be hold monthly meetings in January, March, and April. She also will coordinate a 2-day recruitment retreat in February and will work with the VPR to plan the retreat’s schedule, lodging, and curriculum. Most importantly, the VPRC is in charge of the 4-day pre-recruitment workweek in August. She plans and executes the schedule and training throughout the week. As recruitment starts, the VPRC’s job is very reactive to whatever the Gamma Chis need. PLEASE feel free to contact Amanda if you’re interested in this position. 

Director of Finance and Correspondance:

Document and keep records of the minutes at each Panhellenic Council meeting and Panhellenic Executive Board meeting, print and copy agendas for each Panhellenic Council meeting, take attendance at each Panhellenic Council meeting, send out completed minutes within 24 hours of the Panhellenic Council meeting, send reminders about Panhellenic meetings, contact sororities about hosting Panhellenic meetings and print and copy the final schedule for the Council members, set up times to speak at chapters, compile chapter contact information for the Executive Board (presidents, VPRs, philanthropy chairs, social chairs, new member educators), maintain budgets for each Panhellenic Executive Officer and the Panhellenic Council budget, responsible for turning in sororities’ Panhellenic dues and providing receipts to the respective chapters,  plan a luncheon prior to Recruitment for the House Directors, perform clerical and operational duties on a daily basis.



Gamma Chi’s as Elves

Anna Mullikan:

 I am interning at a place called The Elf on the Shelf.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s really cool.  It’s like this little elf that visits children and reports to the North Pole each night about their behavior.  I am a Communications Intern, so not only do I work with clients, but I also get to write letters back to the children. Also  I am in charge of the North Pole blog and you can follow along by clicking the link below! 

Gamma Chi’s All Over the World

Savannah King:

I am in Lima, Peru for 10 weeks interning with a non-profit organization called MEDLIFE, whose mission is to bring Medicine, Education and Community Development to Low Income Families Everywhere. We host week-long brigades where students from universities all over the world (including UGA!) come down to Peru and Ecuador and work in our mobile clinics, which we staff with local doctors, dentists, gynecologists and nurses. Our clinics teach children to brush their teeth, give women pap-smears and breast exams, extract teeth and provide some patients their only doctors visits of the year. We also complete community development projects like building stairs on the steep terrain of the urban slums of Peru and constructing bathrooms or school houses in the rural communities of Ecuador. On weeks that we don’t have mobile clinics, as an intern I get to participate in the patient follow-up visits, either making house calls to deliver news and discuss options or accompanying patients to their appointments at local clinics so MEDLIFE can help facilitate their receipt of further treatment. I also help with a huge expansion project MEDLIFE is doing right now. In the coming year, we hope to establish college MEDLIFE chapters in hundreds of new universities in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and even Europe. My personal project for the summer involves hosting some nutrition educational seminars; those plans are in the making right now. So far, it has been a summer of challenges, learning, personal growth and the excitement of living abroad and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold! If you want to read more, here’s my blog: www.savvychats.blogspot.com

Gamma Chi’s Summer Adventures

Nancy Satola:

This summer I am living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan interning for a fashion designer, Timo Weiland. I’ve gotten to do a lot of really interesting and cool things so far, like helping out on a the Resort 2013 Collection photoshoot for the lookbook, work at a CFDA open house, go to the fabric store Mood from Project Runway and pull swatches for the designers, and meet a lot of amazing and inspirational people in the fashion industry! There are days when I work until past midnight, but it’s worth it and I’m having the time of my life. It’s a little circa Devil Wears Prada, but my bosses are the some of the nicest people I know. I even got asked to come back in the fall for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center! I’m overjoyed to be here and can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Last Push for Be a Hero For Kajal!!

Words cannot describe how proud we are of each girl involved in either getting swabbed, volunteering, or simply spreading the word for the “Be a Hero for Kajal” campaign! So many girls have already been swabbed but I want to encourage those who have not to go to Tate tomorrow between 10 and 4 to get swabbed. The goal is to swab 100 people per hour. Tell you friends, family, etc of the cause. 

Until 4 p.m. tomorrow we will be doing everything we can to break the Guinness World Record. People will be downtown collecting swabs at the Melting Point (8-11), The Georgia Theatre (11-2) and Waffle House (3-6), Ramsey Center (6-10) and Tate (10-4). PLEASE go get swabbed.  

A few last minute pleas:

-Follow @HeroforKajal

-Participate in the FlashMop happening at Tate between 10:15a.m.- 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. Here are the words and dance moves. 


-Also enjoy this video Athens Academy 6th graders made in doing everything they can to help their sweet friend Kajal.


Thank you all so so much for everything and take five minutes to get swabbed to save a life.

Be A Hero For Kajal!!

A sixth grader at Athens Academy named Kajal is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. In hopes of saving her life, On March 28th there will be a 24 hour “Bone Marrow-Thon.” 
   Along with saving Kajal, the goal is to break the Guinness world record of bone marrow swabs in 24 hours. So PLEASE encourage everyone you know over the age of 18 to participate in this. 
We have created a Facebook page www.facebook.com/beaheroforkajal which is the best starting point for the upcoming UGA Marrow-thon at Tate on March 28 10am-4pm (Tip, Tate, Twenty-Eight!…all it takes is a swab (aka the tip) at Tate on March 28).  There will be various locations during the 24 hour drive, with us starting at The Omni at 4pm on March 27th.
Kajal’s classmates/friends aren’t old enough to register but they have called upon this community to break the Guinness World Record (ironically held by Athens, Ohio). To facilitate getting the sorority women to register, we want to have have volunteers, and two of Kajal’s classmates at each Chapter meeting on Mar 26th to tell the story and call the girls to action to get swabbed at each House after Chapter!  We will turn the swabs in on the 28th so they will count towards our goal.  If 6th graders can push to make this happen, the least we can do as adults and young adults is get involved on every level!
Please ask you members to:
  • Go To wwwfacebook.combeaheroforkajal like us and spread the word to everyone you know
  • Go to BeAHeroForKajal and Twitter about our cause…keep the message alive, hashtags will be #heroforkajal and #marrow
  • Ask other chapters around the country to match what we are doing to save Kajal
  • Get swabbed on Monday, March 26 at the chapter meeting - they will need to provide their driver’s license or social security number just as a way of finding them if the ever match someone in need
  • Make a little video…”Tip, Tate, 28 or go on line don’t hesitate! Save a girl whose really great!  Tip Tate 28!” and post of Facebook and Twitter for awareness
  • Volunteer to be a point person March26th at your chapter
  • Help us with the 24 hour drive ….4p.m. on the 27th to 4p.m. on the 28th Let’s BREAK A GUINNESS RECORD - get the fraternity members involved by encouraging them to get swabbed at Tate!
We have to spread the word NOW, so that we can get those who live elsewhere to take advantage of the online registrations at no cost to them (they are covered by donations through the end of March and otherwise cost $100).  Most importantly get swabbed and help us find a match for Kajal and break the record!! PROMO CODE is KAJAL
We have fun events planned for our 24 hour drive…so stay tuned!

Two weekends ago the Gamma Chi’s and Recruitment Teams joined Panhellenic Exec for a wonderful weekend at Camp Twin Lakes. We did team building activities, sorority run downs, discussions of Recruitment, and lots of bonding! Overall it was a successful weekend and hopefully made everyone super excited for Recruitment 2012!!! Only six months!

GAMMA CHI’S 2012!!!

We are so excited to announce our new 85 ROCKSTAR Gamma Chis!! This was one of the most competitive pools of applicants we have ever had!

The first meeting is January 31st at Alpha Delta Pi at 8:00pm.

The Gamma Chi Retreat is February 18th and 19th – more details to come.

Can’t wait to for the best recruitment ever!! 

Abby Gant, Abby Suhr, Alana Franklin, Alex Coules, Alex Hilton, Alex Pastina, Ali Bridges, Ali Young, Alisa Moran, Allison Bridges, Amanda Maazizadeh, Anna Mullikin, Austin McLendon, Becca Allison, Brittany Ford, Caitlin Swindall, Caroline Micklow, Caroline Paschal, Caroline Sullivan, Caroline Wingate, Charlotte Hill, Corrine Milling, Dana Seidman, Danielle Volante, Devin Hopkins, Egen Thorington, Elaina Polson, Elena Wathen, Ellen Stark, Emily Barr, Emily Howell, Emily Trotz, Gina Mirza, Haley Shubert, Hannah Snyder, Jami Lupoloff, Jamie Chandler, Jennifer White, Jenny Grifenhagen, Jordan Anderson, Julia Conforti, Julia Durham, Julia Thompson, Juliann Head, Kae Ashleigh Eller, Kate Dramis, Kate Wagner, Katie McGuire, Kayla Cannella, Keali Lay, Kelly Bowman, Kelly Hady, Kelly Taylor, Lacey Wheeler, Laney Estroff, Laura Kathryne Hogan, Lauren Lindsley, Lauren O’Connon, Lauren Paine, Lexi Ely, Lindsay Lehrer, Liza Mackey, Mackenzie Hull, Macy Clark, Maggie Taylor, Mary Catherine Stark, Mary Nicholson, Meghan Kanter, Molly Bond, Morgan Freedman, Murphy Furgeson, Nancy Satola, Nina Paletta, Paige Sawyer, Paige Wayton, Rachel Baker, Rachel Glore, Rachel Henning, Riana Pilzer, Sam Reasoner, Sarah Calhoun, Savannah King, Stacy Verner, Stephanie Everett, Tori Hull

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